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  • Who is behind +SABI AI ?
    +SABI AI Corp, a leader in AI-driven innovations in the world.
  • Why do you call yourself a 360 Wellness and Skin Health Coach?
    After filling up the Wellness and Skin Health questionnaire, conducting a Face Scan of your face as well as give us access to your location, the application will provide you with Wellness and Skin Health recommendations to help you lead a harmonious life.
  • Why do I need +SABI AI?
    After having little or no access to our go-to dermatologists and facialists in the past 2 years, it comes as little surprise to learn that at-home treatments skyrocketed this past year. As such, we want to empower you, our customers to have an application that helps you understand and predict what your wellness and skin needs. It is based on already 1 million customer skin profiles and 200,000 facial scans which allows us to understand, predict and recommend your skin needs. Soon, we will provide you with wellness recommendations
  • How much is the +SABI AI application?
    This 360 Skin Coach is complementary to anyone who wants to better understand their skin
  • Does the +SABI AI application provide me with an analysis of skin health?
    Yes, the +SABI AI application offers you the ability to scan your face and leverages computer vision and deep learning to provide +SABI AI users with: An overall Skin Health Score Score on 8 Markers that determine the health of your skin
  • What does +SABI AI do?
    +SABI AI is a 360 Wellness and Skin Health App. Our recommendations are to start with taking a selfie of your skin, and get instant feedback on your skin health by getting an overall skin health score and score on 8 markers of your screen. In addition, fill up the wellness and skin health score, and get instant feedback on what your skin needs by getting a customized day and night serum. In addition, you can pair the app with the NEW Tri-light from Skin Inc Supplement Bar (our client) and get customized skin treatments based on your skin goals. Last, but not least, daily the app will provide you feedback on how you can improve your wellness and skin health. You will also be able to check your Skin Inc profile; rewards, orders, delivery addresses and settings of the app.
  • How does Face Scan work on the app?
    Face Scan Analysis leverages computer vision and deep learning to provide +SABI AI users with an overall Skin Health Score and a score on each of the 8 markers that determine the health of your skin.
  • What is the Tri-light device you say works with +SABI AI
    We have partnered with Skin Inc, Supplement Bar to offer our customers with an award winning device which helps you deliver many benefits, they include 5 benefits - Revive, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. This award-winning device combines the power of NASA inspired colored LED Chromotherapy and Sonic Technology (Low-Frequency Stimulation), and PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field to help tackle multiple skin concerns for the appearance of younger looking, brighter and healthier skin. Please note, that +SABI AI is not the manufacturer of the Tri-light and it is NOT a medical device, just a cosmetic device.
  • How does +SABI AI help me with my wellness and skin health?
    Based on the information from the Face Scan and My Customized Skincare, the app will be able to guide you on how to perform your at-home wellness and skincare regime. Pair it with Skin Inc's Tri-light to best optimize your skincare. You can even set reminders to ensure your are consistent in your wellness and skin health journey.


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