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+SABI AI Corp Onboards Poop Like a Champion Into Its 360 Wellness App
Furthering its mission to provide AI-driven products & services recommendations to improve one’s unique wellness

Dover, Delaware - April 1 2023 - +SABI AI Corp, a pioneer in data and AI for the wellness and skincare industry, is furthering its goal of improving customers’ wellbeing and skin health through AI-driven recommendations of products and services that are customized to the user’s specific needs.


+SABI AI believes that Skin is a barometer of your wellbeing and vice-versa. The company believes well being comes from balancing emotional, mental, and physical wellness. In addition, the company believes that feeling good is the new looking good.


Today, +SABI AI Corp announces that it has onboarded Poop Like a Champion, a wellness brand that strives to help clear and cleanse the junk out. It is the #1 Brand for Number 2s. Poop Like a Champion created 3 non-GMO products, gluten, and wheat-free, using only natural sources of fiber. Their champion formula consists of both insoluble and soluble fiber to aid digestion and help support gut health for all ages. 


The lineup includes: 

  • Ultra-Fiber Cereal: The highest fiber cereal on the market. Just one serving will get you 82% of your daily fiber intake. Great for constipation relief and digestion and to help support your gut health. Flavors Include: Original, Cinnamon & Honey ($13.99 for a single box, $39.99 for a pack of 3, & $69.99 for a pack of 6)

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Fiber Gummies: Fiber intake on the go! These fiber-rich gummies are fortified with 1000mg of Apple Cider Vinegar per serving, traditionally used to support great digestion and gut health. ($16.99 for a single bottle, $49.99 for a pack of 3, and $69.99 for a pack of 6). 

  • Super Fiber Gummies: Perfect vegan snack for both kids and adults! Chewy and bursting with berry flavors (strawberry and blueberry), these fiber-rich gummies are just what you need to supplement your daily fiber intake and satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthy snack that helps support your gut health with its prebiotic formula. ($16.99 for a pouch, $44.99 for 3 packs, and $79.99 for 6 packs. 


“We are thrilled to welcome Poop Like a Champion to our roster of brands on the +SABI AI app.” William Gaultier, CCO of +SABI AI said, “As a brand that strives for wellbeing innovation, adding unique and forward thinking brands like Poop Like a Champion are just what we need to help consumers become their best self.”


“We are excited to bring our products to +SABI AI platform and support users on their way to a healthier and balanced diet.” Naya Sadibekova, brand manager of Poop Like a Champion commented, “With +Sabi AI’s personalized recommendations, you can find more ways to improve health, which goes beyond your immediate concerns. Your skin condition is often related to your diet and digestive health so I believe that most users will find Poop Like a Champion products useful (and funny, too!). Wellness of both body and soul is key to your overall well-being especially given that digestive health influences your mood.”


+SABI AI is available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The Poop Like A Champion collection is available on and participating retailers. 




ABOUT +SABI AI CORP: +SABI AI Corp is a data and AI company that provides products and services to its wellness and beauty brands to empower them through the use of data & AI to help their customers understand and make recommendations on how to improve their wellness and skin health. Skin Inc Supplement is one of many customers that the company is working with to provide data about their customers to make better marketing, product and ecommerce decisions. Our application is the world's first virtual wellness and skin health coach app that tracks wellness (water, alcohol consumption, sleep, stress level, menstrual cycle, pollution index and more) and skin health (the 8 markers that determine the health of your skin) to provide data-driven and AI-powered recommendations on how to improve wellbeing.

ABOUT POOP LIKE A CHAMPION: Our mission is simple: get you pooping again. Millions of Americans suffer from constipation every day. According to one study, 3 out of 5 people who do, don’t bring it up to their health professional. Being clogged up and unable to talk about it is painful. As a result, you can get brain fog, fatigue, and other physical and mental health problems that prevent you from living your best life. So, we did some careful research and developed the best quality, high-fiber products without the gunk. As the #1 Brand for Number 2s.That’s why our products are non-GMO, gluten, and wheat-free, using only natural sources of fiber. Our champion formula consists of both insoluble and soluble fiber to aid digestion and help support gut health for all ages. Plus, we’ve made it easy for you with simple breakfasts and healthy snacks to fit your routine.


For more information, please contact:


Contact: Kelsey Parker

Beach House PR

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