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+SABI AI Onboards Its First Fitness Brand: Tumaz Sport
The 360 wellness app is helping users set personalized goals to improve wellness not only mentally but physically.

Dover, Delaware - April 7, 2023 - +SABI AI Corp, the first wellness and skin health app on the market, is furthering its marketplace for consumers to receive recommendations of customized products and services to the user's specific needs.


+SABI AI continuously integrates leading companies in all wellness sectors to provide consumers with a 360 wellness and healthcare coach. They enable brands to give insights on wellbeing and skin health while helping consumers diagnose, track, and provide treatments to improve their wellbeing and health.  


+SABI AI Corp announced that it had onboarded Tumaz Sport. The fitness brand created two collections of brightly colored, highly functional sporting gear to bring fun into your fitness routine! When we sweat, our bodies release many happy chemicals that change how we feel, think, and live. At Tumaz, they believe that fitness should be fun, ever-evolving, and accessible to everyone. 


The Yoga Collection includes: 


  • Tumaz Stretching Strap-10 Loop: ($12.95) Designed for multiple purposes. Including physical therapy, yoga, fitness, pilates, dance, ballet, daily stretching, and more.

  • EVA Foam Yoga Block Set: ($20.95) Enhance your yoga sessions with our EVA foam yoga blocks & strap sets! These sturdy, slip-resistant blocks are made of 45D high-density EVA foam. (Also available in a cork material) 

  • Tumaz Yoga Mat Strap: ($9.45) Transport your yoga mat with style and color with our high-quality yoga straps!

  • Tumaz Yoga Stretch Band: ($9.95) Strap In, Stretch Out! The Tumaz yoga stretch band is a simple, non-elastic strap that provides extra stability and flexibility for stretching, yoga, therapy, workout, and more.


The Body Collection includes:


  • Tumaz Wobble Cushion: ($24.95) Strengthen your core with the wobble cushion. Made of thick and durable material, it is easy to inflate or deflate with the complimentary hand pump. 

  • Diamond Foot Roller + Massage Ball Set: ($21.95) The Diamond Foot Roller + Massage Ball Set comes with three different massagers to address muscular pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, post-exercise soreness, heel spurs, or tired and achy feet.

  • Tumaz Birth Ball Set: ($39.95) A new mom's best physical support through pregnancy and postpartum. The premium anti-burst exercise ball and best-selling yoga strap gently assist in daily exercise and physical activity.


"We are thrilled to onboard Tumaz Sports onto our AI-driven 360 wellness & skin health platform and coach to provide customized recommendations based on customers' needs." William Gaultier, CCO of +SABI AI, said, “One of the top pillars in wellbeing is physical fitness. We are excited to offer our users top of the line fitness products to assist in reaching their fitness goals.”


Tumaz Sports is available on & on Amazon. +SABI AI is available for download on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.




ABOUT +SABI AI Corp: +SABI AI Corp is a data and AI company that provides products and services to its wellness and beauty brands to empower them through data & AI to help their customers understand and make recommendations on improving their wellness and skin health. Skin Inc Supplement is one of many customers the company is working with to provide data about their customers to make better marketing, product, and e-commerce decisions. Our application is the world's first virtual wellness and skin health coach app that tracks wellness (water, alcohol consumption, sleep, stress level, menstrual cycle, pollution index, and more) and skin health (the eight markers that determine the health of your skin) to provide data-driven and AI-powered recommendations on how to improve wellbeing.

ABOUT TUMAZ SPORT: Tumaz Sport believes anyone can enjoy a fun and active life with simple, everyday adjustments. That's why they created colorful, accessible fitness accessories that fit into your daily life, indoors or out. They are all about strengthening, lengthening, and growing - the things that make us feel good. They want to encourage a life of movement and color. Tumaz is proudly named after the native bear of Taiwan in the indigenous language of the Bunun tribe. Our mascot embodies the strength, independence, and playfulness we strive to inspire in you.


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Contact: Kelsey Parker

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